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Welcome to your guide to writing a Will and online source of information for everything regarding Will writing.

We have information on this site about every aspect of Will writing including the appointment of executors and guardians, leaving money, specific gifts and distributing your estate/assets. We aim to explain all areas of Will writing and highlight the importance of writing a Will including reasons why you should make a Will.

Writing a Will | In Brief

There are four common ways to write a will:

  • By visiting a solicitor
  • Purchasing or downloading a DIY Will sold at stores such as WHSmith
  • By using a Will Drafter
  • By using an online Will writing service
  • The latter is becoming increasingly more popular and tends to be a cheaper alternative to visiting a solicitor or Will drafter.

    Wills made online can cost as little as £30.00 and you still get the fully legal document that you would if you'd just walked out of a solicitors office.

    A shocking statistic

    In an article written early this year by Ruth Jackson of, research has shown that around 70% of the UK population do not have a Will. However Ruth goes on to say that as a single woman, with no children, she doesn't have much use for a Will. What is shocking is the number of people who have dependants and/or large assets that have not yet written a Will. These people face having their families torn apart as a result of no Will being in place when they die.

    If you die without a Will, your estate will pass in accordance with the Administration of Estates Act 1925. This covers both property and personal possessions including savings. There is a strict order under the act which means that your spouse and children will not automatically receive everything in your estate. Instead the courts decide upon the distribution of your estate.

    Why should you write a Will?

    If you die without a Will that is legally valid and would like to make sure that your assets are inherited or left to certain people, charities, or even to ensure that your pets are taken care of then Will writing is an essential task to complete. If you do not clearly set out your wishes in a Will then no one will know what your wishes may have been?

    Even after all of your debts and liabilities have been settled, if you have not written a Will outlining how your remaining net assets should be dealt with, you cannot assume that everything will go, for example, to your current spouse.

    If you die without writing a will and without any natural children to inherit your assets, the law currently states that your spouse should receive the first £200,000 of assets, and 50% of whatever is left. This could mean that the other 50% goes to any siblings, parents or even other relatives. Of course you might think that you won’t have more than £200,000 left anyway so why worry as your spouse will automatically get all of that, especially if you have no children. However, writing a Will is important if, for no other reason, that it makes handling your affairs a lot easier. If you are not in a relationship and die without any children or relatives then your entire net estate and remaining possessions will very likely be passed to the crown or simply the government!

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